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The Prince Consort

With multiple venues within the Prince Consort Hotel site, the client needed uniform solutions for each venue brand – each with their own specific look-feel. The Prince Consort is themed around an English-style pub, bursting with personality and different rooms and levels featuring unique experiences.

From a range of bars, restaurants, an underground cellar, Pokie lounge and accommodation – each brand’s uniform needed a customised feel and departmental function. Incorporating custom colours and details, the range incorporates a range of garment types and uniform accessories.

Boasting a full marketing and events calendar, the Vine assists with branded merchandise and promotional giveaways. Our quick turnaround is key, with uniforms needing to be produced quickly to align with staff hiring requirements.

Vine's service is truly the best and my go-to with all my projects. Jarrod’s friendly, can-do-anything approach is what sets the offering apart. The speed at which the product is delivered is what every business needs in fast-paced industries such as ours.

– Jason Hirt, Manager, The Prince Consort

For uniforms and merchandise that ensure your brand always looks its best, is carefully considered from a visual perspective, and delivered with quality and world-class branding, get in touch today and streamline your textile procurement process. Get it on the Vine.


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